Amir finds inspiration in many different objects and in the mired sources of color in the environment such as markets, clothes in stores as well as blossom in nature.
What do we look at, what do we see when we travel, or when we simply arrive at a new place?
Amir’s eyes have a fixed “policy”: They always search for colours scanning them like an expert hunter.
Internalizing the colours endows him with the base from which to define and comprehend, in his personal way, the essence of the place and interpret it in terms of design, humanity and nature.
Indeed Amir’s love of and connection to nature and colours is reflected in all the work he creates, be it for architectural or interior designers.
In his travels, whether he goes for a spin to the local store or far away to the southernmost of the American continent, he does not allow himself to ignore or turn a blind eye to common, everyday the elements on his path: architecture, light and shade, texture, etc. He photographs these elements and studies his images, then assimilates and implements what he had observed into his artistic design.
An important aspect of Amir’s work is inspired by the process of aging, of decay. He succeeds in bringing to bear the beautiful and fascinating process of temporarily which is present in any object or environment. This inspiration leads him to create art that gives the impression of movement on a time plane, a design that gives an emotional expression to time moving toward extinction. The results are beautiful; Windows and doors with peeling paint, rust and iron coalescing in space, a faded wood piece resting calmly in a structure, these are just some examples of the time elements that inspired Amir.