Anyone exposed to the Amir’s art work is granted a fascinating glimpse into a global world of artistic design in which ornamental gourd art is but one chapter. His background in designing landscapes and gardens, film and television sets, as well as his extended work collaborations with architects and other interior designers, all combined to form a master artist with a unique style.

Amir isn’t just one more design artist you may come across in a random artists colony. As a matter of fact the designation “autodidact master artist” would be more befitting since he belongs to the type of artists who chose not to settle in one place but to “flow” with, explore and experiment with life.

The nature-rich environment in which he grew up, as well as his travel, and living abroad, connected and inspired his inner artist and simultaneously allowed for a disconnect from the familiar, thus enabling the creation of something brand-new.

Amir’s versatile affinity with art (comprising painting, sculpture, working with paints, plasters and other materials) granted him the ability to develop design skills and decorative painting techniques which are not commonly encountered. This background is at the heart of his artistic approach which is open and versatile rather than restricted to a particular style.

Amir – on his approach to work:

“I do what I do out of the freedom to do what I love;

Only in this way, what you do, eventually loves you back. “