I grew up in Haifa at the time when the neighborhood was still surrounded by much nature; pine groves with carpets of cyclamens, anemones, and crocuses. I would spend hours roaming the slopes of Mount Carmel, observing animals and plants and unearthing new paths in the woods. Nature became my first muse, my main source of inspiration, connection and refuge.

Art was the second passion. From a young age I loved to draw and sculpt, handle materials, paints and adhesives. These two passions, to create and to be in nature, still inform my life and often coalesce.
It is out of this combination that the ornamental gourds art was born.

My life path took me to the faculty of art at Beit Berl College and to the faculty of Agriculture of the Hebrew University. It lead me to work with landscape architects and with film and TV productions.
The work on set designs proved an essential instructive experience. There I learned diverse techniques of painting, Styrofoam sculpturing and photo sets. I moved through the range of the art department positions, acquiring multitude skills and eventually becoming artistic director of productions..

A six months travel adventure in Brazil, including four on a yacht in the Amazon, was the basis of the life change I was to make. I decided to withdraw from production work and while continuing to do what I love, I would only do so outside the studios. . .
Another decision was to return to live in Brazil sometime in the future.
I returned to Israel, settled in Jaffa and began to paint. I painted everything; walls, doors, frames, old and new furniture.

As an autodidact I continued to learn, experiment with and master various techniques of painting, plaster textures and different materials such as gold leaf and copper.

Eventually this work evolved into a small business named “the Decoration Committee” which provided decorative painting services and consultation to architects, designers as well as individual clients.
In 2002 I closed the studio and went traveling again. I concentrated in particular on India and Brazil where I finally settled down in 2008. I bought a piece of land in Coité, a small settlement in the State of Ceará , the Northeast region of Brazil. I built a guesthouse that I named Aldeia Coité (the Coité village) which functioned as a small temporary “refuge from civilization” for travelers. All my previously learned skills were reflected in the planning, design, landscaping, gardening, painting, sculpture and product design of the place. In addition, these skills were augmented by newly learned “green” local practices of using wood, mud, straw, bottles and palm leaves for the construction of the living spaces and other buildings.

5 years later I moved to Arrial D’ajuda, a village on the shores of the Atlantic ocean in the Brazilian State of Bahia. A meeting with an Italian architect followed by my return to design and paint work. She gave me my first small project in the village, and consequently other projects materialized including designing a Mexican club/restaurant

In 2014 I returned to Israel and settled in Pardes Hana.